Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Body Harnesses in the make

Found these photos on the blog Garbage Dress by Zana Bayne. I thought these photos will illustrate more the concept discussed in my previous post.

Talented Zana Bayne in the process of making and styling dresses with corset belts and body harnesses backstage Prabal Gurung show SS12.

Talented Zana Bayne in her creative mode. She has an online shop as well, if you want to buy body harnesses.

To make your own you will require some scrap leather (make sure it is good quality thick leather), exacto or another sharp knife, a hole making tool and some buckles and studs. If you can't do it all yourself take it to a cobbler or bag repairer to get holes done or for connecting various strips. DIY or BUY this accessory is definitely a head turner.
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  1. YES to body harnesses! I've wanted one for ages but don't think I've got the sewing skills to make one. Might have to shell out... I guess they're a good investment.